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Now that I have your attention. Yes for 26 years we have been playing with water. And yes 's of experiments and literally 's of highly educated people as witnesses. This just cant be put on youtube for the national security issues. The first commercially available device in the BEFE unit or Bio Magnetic energy device has now gone on to become the focus of of Phd and further research at Memphis.


But the Electro-magnetically restructuring of any liquid into fresh water and the equal and opposite is too highly classified except to those who venture to Aust for a personal demo. And literally 's have. To explain this Magnetic water science and how to make water burn like gasoline with just the addition of DC for a few seconds one needs an entirely new Atomic Structure, which by the way, is an advancement of Russellian Science and our devices are much better than Keshe's devices and an upgrade on his Theories too. I could go on for hours about the devices and what they do for the construct of matter and the duplication of the earths magnetic fields upon underground water and abiotic origin of oil and coal.

Suffice to say this is repeatable but not for publication. In its simplistic explanation, it goes like this. There is but one singular piece or Structure of Light as Keshe puts it.

Bohr’s Correspondence Principle

This "bar of light" is magnetic in nature and 6 of them come together in a 4 sided pyramid. This 4 sided pyramid is the "Atom" Democritis spoke of. Thales said "everything is Water" and the natural harmonic state of the structures that these 4 sided pyramids make is WATER. What separates gold from wood from air to rocks and everything inbetween is the Magnetic Reasonant Field Pattern of these pyramidal conglomerates.

Or snow flake patterns. So to Electromagnetically restructure water into oil one uses the South Pole energy force by orientating the Sth ploes in relation to the flow of water when applying the magnetic field to water. And Just like Spring water is quite pure, the North pole energy is applied to the liquid be it raw sewerage or acid mine waste to 'purify' the Snow Flake pattern of the water.

He argued that classical physics exists independently of quantum theory and cannot be derived from it. His position is that it is inappropriate to understand the experiences of observers using purely quantum mechanical notions such as wavefunctions because the different states of experience of an observer are defined classically, and do not have a quantum mechanical analog. The relative state interpretation of quantum mechanics is an attempt to understand the experience of observers using only quantum mechanical notions.


Niels Bohr was an early opponent of such interpretations. Many of these conceptual problems, however, resolve in the phase-space formulation of quantum mechanics , where the same variables with the same interpretation are utilized to describe both quantum and classical mechanics. The term "correspondence principle" is used in a more general sense to mean the reduction of a new scientific theory to an earlier scientific theory in appropriate circumstances.

This requires that the new theory explain all the phenomena under circumstances for which the preceding theory was known to be valid, the "correspondence limit". In order for there to be a correspondence, the earlier theory has to have a domain of validity—it must work under some conditions.

Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics - BOHR

Not all theories have a domain of validity. For example, there is no limit where Newton's mechanics reduces to Aristotle's mechanics because Aristotle's mechanics, although academically dominant for 18 centuries, does not have any domain of validity. If an electron in an atom is moving on an orbit with period T , classically the electromagnetic radiation will repeat itself every orbital period.

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Bohr considered circular orbits. Classically, these orbits must decay to smaller circles when photons are emitted. The level spacing between circular orbits can be calculated with the correspondence formula. It is possible to determine the energy levels by recursively stepping down orbit by orbit, but there is a shortcut. The energy in terms of the angular momentum is then.

Assuming, with Bohr, that quantized values of L are equally spaced, the spacing between neighboring energies is. This is as desired for equally spaced angular momenta. This is how Bohr arrived at his model.

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Bohr used his physical intuition to decide which quantities were best to quantize. It is a testimony to his skill that he was able to get so much from what is only the leading order approximation.

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A less heuristic treatment accounts for needed offsets in the ground state L 2 , cf. Wigner—Weyl transform. Bohr's correspondence condition can be solved for the level energies in a general one-dimensional potential. Define a quantity J E which is a function only of the energy, and has the property that. This is the analog of the angular momentum in the case of the circular orbits. These coordinates are just as canonical as x , p , but the orbits are now lines of constant J instead of nested ovoids in x - p space.

So J is equal to the area enclosed by the orbit in x-p coordinates too,. The quantization rule is that the action variable J is an integer multiple of h.

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