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This chapter describes installation and upgrade issues and their workarounds associated with Oracle Application Server.

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It includes the following topics:. This section describes issues with installation of Oracle Application Server. Section 3. BIG5 locale in these environments. This requirement applies during installation only. After installation, you can reset the locale to the original locale. If you select Stop , and then select Retry during operation of the File-Based Farm Repository Configuration Assistant in the Oracle Universal Installer, the configuration assistant fails and displays the following message:.

An Oracle Application Server instance cannot be moved directly from one farm to another. The Oracle This patch is only available on the Oracle Database 10g The incorrectly coded Welcome pages point to.

What Is Compatibility?

You will receive a "Page Not Found" error message if you encounter this issue. If you encounter this issue, change the URL extension in the address bar of your Web browser to. If you have distributed infrastructure environment with an OracleAS Metadata Repository on computer 1, and an Oracle Internet Directory installation on computer 2, the Oracle Internet Directory will not allow registration of the OracleAS Metadata Repository and will throw an error message similar to the following:.

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In the Forms and Reports Services Welcome pages, the Welcome link at the bottom of the pages is coded incorrectly. Users should use the Welcome tab at the top of the pages for navigation. You can install 10 g Release 2 Specifically, during the For more information about compatibility issues between 10g Release 2 Doing so will help you avoid problems when using Oracle Industrial Telnet Server and potentially other products.

This error occurs during the loading of the OracleAS Syndication product, which is obsolete and is loaded for compatibility purposes.

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This error can safely be ignored. If you do not apply the patch, you will receive an error message during Oracle Ultra Search configuration. Apply ARU patch The default installation option for Oracle Database 10 g Release 2 B in the Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 This section describes issues with the upgrade of Oracle Application Server.

After you perform an upgrade of Oracle Application Server 10 g from version 9. During installation, the port number specified for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10 g for version 9. After you complete an upgrade of OracleAS Infrastructure in an OracleAS Farm, the pre-upgrade instance of the infrastructure still remains in the farm. Specifically, the pre-upgrade instance continues to show up on the Farm page in the Application Server Control Console. There is currently no way to remove the pre-upgrade instance.

The remaining instance will not cause any operational problems with the upgraded infrastructure. Note that you can remove middle tier instances from the OracleAS Farm; however, you must remove the middle tiers from the OracleAS Farm before deinstall the middle tiers. If this problem occurs, do not exit Oracle Universal Installer. Instead, leave the program running and perform the following workaround in a separate window:.

Using a text editor, open the following file in the Oracle home of the replica you are upgrading:. If you experience problems or issues while upgrading a particular application server component, refer to the component chapter in these release notes for more information. If OracleAS Portal is not configured in the source oracle home, it remains unconfigured after the upgrade to 10g Release 2 Note that you can choose to configure the OracleAS Portal after upgrading the middle tier or at the end of the entire upgrade process, after upgrading the OracleAS Metadata Repository.

Update the following port values in the ptlem. Run ptlconfig command to associate the OracleAS Portal repository with the upgraded middle tier, as follows:.

Modify the port entries in the ptlem configuration file, as described previously in this section. You can obtain the required port numbers from the Ports page in the Application Server Control Console. A notification is sent to each relevant subscriber. Removes a given subscription.

All of its associated system resources, such as schedulers, are also released. All Rights Reserved. Book List.

Syndication Server Administration

Master Index. Sum U : Subscription management. List L : List all the schedulers. Show S : Show the details for the scheduler. Show S : Show all subscriber IDs. Profile P : Get profile for a subscriber. Retrieves account information for a given subscriber. List L : List all content providers accessible to a subscriber. Gets the list of accessible content providers for a given subscriber. Grant G : Grant access to a subscriber for a content provider.

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  4. Revoke R : Revoke access to a content provider. Revokes access to a content provider by a subscriber. Add A : Add a new content provider.

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    8. Registers a new content provider. List L : List all content providers. Profile P : Get profile for the content provider. Retrieves the profile for the given content provider.

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      Cancel C : Cancel a content provider. List L : List all existing subscriptions. Gets the list of established subscription IDs.