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Here is what people are saying about this evening's concert program.

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The range of form, pace, volume, melody, power and tenderness, like a flashlight, supported me in exploring unknown and hidden corners of my psyche, welcoming and embracing parts of me back home. It was therapy without words, enabling a heartfelt and somatic unraveling. I was invited right into the depths of my own being, and then into the vast emptiness of all existence.

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One cannot help but be changed, altered and expanded from such Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Thank you. With love and gratitude Uplifting, healing, deeply moving, I am so grateful. All of us were touched to the core of our beings,; you can quote me on that "Les. Thank you so much for inviting us.

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A very special gifting that can stir and uplift and connect and evolve us in this time on earth! I look forward to witnessing and participating in the magic as it moves out into the world. Get your tickets early.

Lori-Ann has played three sold out concerts in this venue. Invite your family and friends.

Emptiness : craniosacral biodynamics with Franklyn Sills

Join her. It's going to be a special event not to be missed!

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It broke up the composition and it felt visually distracting. It becomes the only thing that you can focus on. The photographer Chris Forsyth , whose series on empty metro stations portrays them as uncanny, otherworldly spaces, feels similarly. Why does the human form disrupt the cohesion Roberts is aiming for?

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Why does Forsyth avoid people in his pictures of architectural spaces? Scientists believe that a blank architectural canvas may be more conducive to projecting emotions, memories, and fantasies. Ed Vessel is a neuroscientist focused on neuroaesthetics at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics—which is dedicated to understanding how people process aesthetic experiences. He believes a lack of people in a photograph may help viewers imagine themselves in the image, creating a potentially mesmerizing experience.

This kind of ability to project oneself into an empty scene might give a viewer a sense of ownership over the space itself, Ellard says. He cited the tendency for real estate agents to remove any personal affects when they show houses or apartments so that potential buyers can imagine the space as their own. In a project called Last Person on Earth , he photographs public spaces caught in moments when no people are present.

The rules? No cropping. No Photoshop.

Using these very specific guidelines, Akerman has managed to capture the street of the New York Stock Exchange , the courtyard of the Somerset House in London , and even a scene at the Ottawa airport without a single person populating the shot. His trick? Patience and an eye for framing an image.

It strips it bare. Vessel posited that large empty spaces like cathedrals or civic buildings can provoke this kind of reaction. Images of such spaces, similarly, may require the brain to imagine a space of such magnitude that the senses are perceptually overwhelmed.