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Ever wondered how Nick Matthew managed to harness the fitness necessary to reach the top of the PSA rankings?

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Matthew tends to put a time limit on his rumble circuit of 30 or 60 minutes and do as many of the exercises on the list as possible. We recommend you set yourself a probably shorter deadline, too, and work without rest through as many moves as you can.

Men's Fitness- June 2012 USA

Bench dips — reps in total Dumb-bell press-up rows kg — 50 reps in total Body weight squats — reps in total Bar-bell curl and press 20kg — 50 reps in total Side plank — 3 minutes each side in total Crunches — reps in total Lunges — 50 reps each leg in total Plate row kg — reps in total Leg lowers — reps in total Row — 4 x m efforts Treadmill — 2 x m efforts Cycle — 2 x 2km efforts. Do each of the following four exercises for 30 seconds, then repeat without rest so the whole section takes four minutes Bar-bell curls 10kg — 30 seconds Bar-bell shoulder press 10kg — 30 seconds Bar-bell upright rows 10kg — 30 seconds Bar-bell bent over row 10kg — 30 seconds.

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Perform 10 press-ups followed by 20 burpees three times through non-stop Press-ups — 10 Burpees — Repeat the following two exercises three times in a row non-stop Dumb-bell squat and press 10kg — 20 reps Box jumps — 45cm box, 20 reps. Lifelong sports journalist and squash lover.

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Event promoter, coach, author, voice artist. Founder of World Squash Day.

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