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The parties to the exchange. The kinds and quantities exchanged. The agreement underlying the exchange. The direction of the exchange.

Directly applied to the described organizational exchange happening in the EC - BIGs lobbying context this means:. The kinds and quantities exchanged are derived from Kazemi and Tornblom resource categorization: information and services representing policymaking influence. Whereas the underlying agreement in lobbying can vary between implicit and informal or fairly explicit and highly formalized, depending on the concrete situation. Since I will examine BIGs lobbying on the example of official public consultations, initiated by the EC, the underlying agreement is rather explicit and formalized.

I will develop my argumentation composed out of the Social Exchange Theory with a focus on the dimensions of actual exchange outlined by Levine and White and the lobby coalitions literature in the EU. The foundation of my research is the assumption that information supply from interest groups to the European Institutions will lead to benefits granted to the interest groups in exchange.

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My approach will further concentrate on the joint direction of exchange, considering the joint information supply by the lobby coalitions to the EC and the EC offering the service of policymaking influence directed to the lobby coalitions in return. Thus, the bigger the relative lobby coalition, the more probable is their chance of lobby success, since they are able to supply the EC with more information comparatively Kluver, This means in combination that BIGs do not only have the best access to the EC, they are also actively use it.

In the following I will outline my hypothesis that follows the theoretical framing and empirical evidence provided above. H1: The relative bigger business lobby coalition will be more successful in stimulating the EC to translate their preferences into policy outcomes.

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I will analyse my research question with a qualitative methodology approach. My tool will be a descriptive study of a concrete case concerning lobby coalitions within the European Commission. The selection is made due to the provision of raw data collected on the public consultation PC. Do business lobbying coalitions increase the lobby success of business interest groups in the European Commission?

Research Paper undergraduate , 16 Pages, Grade: 1,3. R D Roxane Diesing Author. Add to cart. Table of contents 1.

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Introduction - Relevance of the research question 2. Exchange theory - access goods 3. Argument 4. Method 4. Case Study Design 4. Case selection 5. Case outcome 6. Discussion 6.

Lobbyists and Interest Groups

Limitations and Implications 7. D candidate at the LSE. Read more reviews by Benedetta. Click here to cancel reply. Evidence-based analysis and commentary on European politics. Facebook Facebook. Previous post Next post.

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What influence does the financial lobby have over banking regulation and other financial markets? Online privacy, clean air, affordable housing, whistleblower protection and much more: which other corporate lobby fights are putting EU public interest on the line?

Lobbying in the European Union: Interest Groups, Lobbying Coalitions and Policy Change

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