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Before allowing a node to join a trusted application-centric network, the trusted execution monitor verifies its trustworthiness of enforcing the application policy.

The monitor also protects the policies and the software enforcing these policies from being tampered with. If any of them is compromised, it disconnects the node from the network and potential attacks are stopped at the originator. However, the lack of sensing in the absence of cars ahead on the road and frequent network disconnections could lead to driving hazards: these networks cannot detect dangerous road conditions with good accuracy and cannot guarantee timely propagation of alert messages.

In this architecture, sensor nodes are deployed along road sides to detect dangerous road conditions and facilitate timely information sharing among vehicles; in return, VANETs provide richer computation, communication, storage, and power resources to help WSNs overcome their resource constraints. On top of this symbiosis, we plan to build more effective on-road information systems for traffic safety. NSF, Collaborative research with Rutgers University. Collaborative research with Iowa State University. Liu, H. Liu, D. Kwak, Y. Xiang, C. Borcea, B. Nath, and L. Vol 21, No. Vol 8, No. Huang, M.

Chen, L. Xiao, S. Zhou, and J. Wang, "Kalman-filter-based channel estimation for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systems in time-varying channels",IET Communications, Unsupervised machine learning techniques formulate the invisible structure of unlabeled data without any prior knowledge.

The novelty of this work is utilization of these methods in order to provide online and real-time training for the adaptive immune system within the artificial immune system. The proposed intrusion detection system will use the concepts of the artificial immune systems AIS which is a promising biologically inspired computing model. Cho, Sung-Bae. Heidelberg, Germany: Physica-Verlag. ISBN Dasgupta, Dipankar. Crystal City, Virginia, United States.

An Immunogenetic Approach to Spectra Recognition..


Eiben, Max H. Dasgupta, Dipankar, and Stephanie Forrest. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Systems. Reno, Nevada, United States. Nong Ye and Xiangyang Li. A scalable clustering technique for intrusion signature recognition. In Proc. Yu Guan, Ali A. Ghorbani, and Nabil Belacel. Y-means: a clustering method for intrusion detection. Teuvo Kohonen. Self-Organizing Map. Springer-Verlag, New York, 8. Banfield and A.

Model-based Gaussian and non-Gaussian clustering. Principal Component Analysis. Springer-Verlag, New York, Kohonen, T. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. Second Extended Edition Lane, T. Temporal sequence learning and data reduction for anomaly detection. Lichodzijewski, A. Zincir-Heywood and M. Salvatore J. Vesanto J. Mining in a data environment: Experience in network intrusion detection.

Nair, Subha V. Person Recognition from Activity using Bag of Words. This pattern can be utilized for person recognition purpose in uncontrolled scenarios unlike finger print, iris, retina etc. This method is based on single video camera based data. From the video of various activities, background subtraction is done to remove insignificant data.

From the binary video obtained after background subtraction structural tensor based features are detected and extracted. The extracted features defines the variation from the mean position are then clustered by means of k-means clustering. Histogram of input video action sequence is compared with each of dataset and predicts the category, which corresponds to the label of person.

Jain, A. Ross, S. Circuits Syst. Video Tech. Yampolskiy, V. Tanawongsuwan, A. II- II Benezeth, P. Jodoin, B. Emile, H. Laurent, and C. Bay, A.

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Ess, T. Tuytelaars and L. Wang, M. She, S. Nahavandi, and A. Vigo, F.

Handbook of Sensor Networking

Khan, J. Das, R. Wilson, M. Lazarewicz, L. Gokalp and S.

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Processing and enhancing hyperspectral images are a difficult task. The spectral information contained in the hyperspectral images are extracted by spectral unmixing techniques. This paper proposes a novel method for enhancing spatial resolution of hyperspectral images based on spectral unmixing. Many applications needs images containing both high spectral resolution and high spatial resolution. In this paper a NABO Negative Abundance Oriented spectral unmixing based hyperspectral-multispectral image fusion algorithm is proposed for the purpose of enhancing the spatial resolution of hyperspectral image HSI.

As a result, a high-spatial-resolution HSI is reconstructed based on the high spectral characters of the HSI represented by endmember spectra and the high spatial characters of the multispectral image MSI represented by abundance fractions. Gaderand J. Topics Appl. Earth Observ.

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Remote Sensing, vol. Gomez, A. Jaziri, and M. Eismann and G. Yokoya, T. Yairi, and A. Remote Sens. Liu, W. Xia, B. Wang and L. Nascimento and J. Li and J. Plaza, E. Hendrix, I. Garca, G. Martin and A. Imaging Vis, Vol. Ohgi, A. Iwasaki, T. Kawashima and H. Vane, R. Green, T. Chrien, H. Enmark, E.

Hansen and W. Environ, vol. In PT. When the high pressure heater harmed, tube plugging usually applied to fix the trouble. Through this process, the high pressure heater was not fully recovered. The efficiency and failure rate of high pressure heater is decreased and increased respectively. Hence, a root cause failure analysis is conducted to accurately determine the cause of the problem. The result shows that the cause of failure in high pressure heater are the increase of feedwater velocity, the increase of extraction steam velocity, change of flow patter and heat transfer inside high pressure heater and radial displacement tube that over limit.

Based on this result, redesign of high pressure heater is performed by increasing the capacity of feedwater flow in high pressure heater and decreasing the feedwater velocity. Kim, K. Nuclear Engineering and Design , , pp. Heo, G. Expert Systems with Applications 39 5 , , pp. Applied Thermal Engineering 68 1 , , pp. Huang, C. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping 85 9 , , pp.

Hwang, K. Nuclear Engineering and Design 1 , , pp. Simran Khokha, Ritu Gupta, K. Rahul Reddy. Technology has influenced and changed the life of humans in many ways. To design a device that will be serviceable to others is a huge contribution to the society [2]. Today mobile phones smart phones, android etc.

With these advanced features and thought of elderly in mind, a device is designed. This device provides a much more advanced and a safer home to us. Bluetooth Home Automation System is a complex technology that uses information technology to control the electrical appliances and monitors the environment. The design and implementation presented in this paper is of a device which will use bluetooth technology for basic home automation and a wireless home network is desirable which does not incur any additional cost of wiring.

The advantages and disadvantages are also discussed, along with the future scope and application areas. Tamura, T. Togawa, M. Ogawa, and M. Physics, 20, pp. Das, D. Cook, A. Bhattacharya, E. Heierman, III, and T. Vol 2. International Conference on, Volume 2, Nov. Asha Jayachandran, Preetha V. Since transmission of 3D video demands a lot of bandwidth, a new technology that renders virtual views using a color image and its corresponding depth image was proposed. If the depth map is incomplete, the virtual views generated will contain holes or disocclusions which affect the quality of 3D viewing.

Since holes occur when the intensity in depth map changes significantly, smoothening methods were proposed reduce the number of holes. Since smoothening methods affect the edges and destroys the original information in the depth map, Adaptive Compensation method ADC which processes the image in different modes was proposed.

Improved Adaptive Compensation method does not produce satisfactory results for images with large number of holes. A median filtering is incorporated in Adaptive Compensation method to reduce the number of holes. Redert et al. IEEE Int. Zhang and W. Tam, G. Alain, L. Martin, and R. SPIE, vol.

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Multimedia, vol. Fehn, K. Hopf, and Q. Middlebury Stereo Vision Database. Archana Suryavanshi, A. Abstract: Wireless technology evolution has greatly enhanced automation systems.. The major requirement of this field has been low data rate, extended battery life and secure system. Voice controlled home automation system designed using.

Zigbee IEEE Home automation system recognizes user commands with help of HM voice recognitio chip. This system assists disable persons and persons with limitations. Poongothai , S. Navaneethan , G. Divya Priya , K. Raghuram2, D. Saravanan3, S. Vignesh4, R.

Jaypal J. Mullay, Amol J. Dhawan S. Volume 6, Issue 1 May. Lekshmi Shyam, Kumar G. A method based on high pass filtering and morphological operation is introduced in the proposed method for vessel segmentation. This method can be utilized to detect diseases effecting eyes like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Glaucoma is detected by feature extraction and classification. The local binary pattern of the optic disc is extracted to classify the images on the basis of texture. Sparse representation classifier is utilized to classify the glaucomatous eye.

Diabetic retinopathy is a disease caused by the complexity of diabetes.

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  6. It damages the small blood vessels in the retina resulting in loss of vision. The blood vessel segmentation is an important task in Diabetic Retinopathy detection. Optic disc in the fundus image is detected by Hough transform. After the segmentation the vessels and optic disc are removed from the original image. Diabetic Retinopathy is characterized by the presence of exudates. The exudates are detected by means of imtool operator in the matlab. Jeyashree, G. Sharmilaand K. Priya and P. Jayaram and A. Kullayamma and P. VII, Issue 1, March , pp. Rekha Raj, Salim Paul. Abstract: Security is an important problem while transmitting information through an open network.

    Secure transmission can be done by encrypting the information. There are several methods of encryption. A novel encryption and decryption technique is discussed in this paper. Here the cryptosystem used is a coupled chaotic system in which two one dimensional chaotic maps are combined and used for encryption. Security analysis and Statistical analysis show that this system can encrypt images effectively and can withstand several attacks like brute force attack, chosen plain-text attack etc Keywords: Cipher, Coupled chaotic system, Encryption, Decryption, Security key, Symmetric References: 1.

    Yicong Zhou, Long Bao and C. Kanso and M. Sathishkumar ,Dr. Bhoopathy bagan and Dr. Lekshmi T, Smitha P S. Abstract: In multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation MAEC system, thenon-uniqueness problem and misalignment problem occurs due to the correlation between the reference signals. It could affect convergence performance of the adaptive filtering.

    So many methods are proposed to get minimum error rate. In this paper, fuzzy logic is used to get minimum error function. The decorrelation is applied through the PCA method. The adaptive fuzzy fusion algorithm improvises, update and check operators obtain optimal solution for defined objective function. To obtain better solution the control parameters are adjusted. It achieves a superior performance in the echo reduction gain and offers the possibility of frequency selective decorrelation to further preserve the sound quality of the system.

    Simulationresult for the proposed algorithm has shown a significant improvement in convergence rate compared with existing system. Herre, H. Buchner, W. Benesty, D. Morgan, and M. Khong, J. Wada and B. Morgan, J. Hall, and J. Wada,and B. Wada, and B. Smitha, and D. Sondhi, D. Reduction in duty cycle to conserve energy resulted in reduced throughput. With the advances in energy harvesting technologies there is considerable research interest in enhancing the performance of WSNs by incorporating the energy harvesting scenario in wireless nodes.

    To ensure proper operation of the sensor nodes in WSNs with energy harvesting, the design of MAC protocols need special consideration. The study establishes the fact that by suitably adapting the duty cycle, throughput of the node can be increased in addition to extending its lifetime considerably. Akyildiz, W. Su, Y. Sankarasubramaniam, and E. Demirkol, C. Ersoy, and F. Seah, Z. Eu, and H. IEEE Std. Mirza, M. Owrang, and C. Yoo, M. Shim, and D. Le, A. Pegatoquet, O. Sentieys, O. Berder, and C. Castagnetti, A. Pegatoquet, T. Le, and M.

    Raghunathan, A. Kansal, J. Hsu, J. Friedman, and M. A well designed exhaust manifold increases the performance of an IC engines. The designing of exhaust manifold is a complex procedure and is dependent on many parameters. The present work is fundamentally based. The work is majorly focused on reducing. Commercially available CFD software tool is used for carrying out the present analysis.

    Flow through the exhaust manifold is analyzed using pressure and mass flow boundary conditions. Vivekanand Navadagi, Siddaveer Sangamad. Muthaiah, Dr. Senthil kumar, Dr. Seenikannan, V. Periasamy and P. Yasar Deger, Bukhard simperl, Luis P. Abstract: A fin is an extended surface1which is used to increase the rate of heat transfer by connecting to the heating surface. The heat transfer rate can be increased by convection process and also by increasing surface area by means of extended surfaces.

    In the present analysis effect of increase in total surface area to improve the rate of heat transfer is studied. Thermal Analysis is performed for various perforated fin extensions with varied diameter. The analysis is carried out using commercially available finite element analysis software.

    Analysis called steady state thermal has been used to find out the temperature variations and heat flux of the fins. International journal of innovative research in science,engineering and technology, volume 4, issue 10, October Karthikeyan, R. Suresh Babu, G. Vignesh Kumar. Shital B. Salunkhe, Dr. Rachayya R. International journal of engineering technology, management and applied sciences, volume 3, issue 1, January International journal of innovative research in science, volume 3, issue 5, may International journal of IT, engineering and applied sciences research, volume 2, issue 4, April Ecological Culture of the City Environment of Astana.

    The solution of urban environment problems, the authors analyze in the context of social and cultural development of the city. On the basis of archival materials the natural character of the environmental problems of pre-revolutionary city Akmola is justified. Using archival sources shows the inadequacy and utopian ideas of purposeful formation of ecologically safe urban districts in the Soviet city of Tselinograd. The features of the solution of environmental problems of the city through the use of new technologies in the project for the construction of Astana are shown.

    Keywords: city, urban environment, the ecological environment of the city, urbanization, Akmola - the city of the XIX century, Tselinograd - Soviet city, Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan. The first General population census of Russian empire. Publishing center of the statistics committee M. Under edition by. Akmolinsk area. The state archive of Astana. Nikita Runijha, Abhishek Shrivastava. Due to its reliability and accuracy it has been explored extensively.

    Fingerprint, iris, hand geometry, palm, face etc are some of the common biometrics traits that can be used successfully for authentication of a person. The accuracy and reliability of the biometrics based authentication system depends on the various important features and feature extraction techniques. Extracted features from the biometrics must be having uniqueness for making biometrics system reliable. This paper present a finger knuckle print based biometric system for person authentication.

    Radon transform is used for extracting the features of the inner knuckle print image. Simulation results reveals that the proposed system perform very well in recognizing the person with good accuracy.


    Keywords: knuckle print, Biometrics, finger features, recognition system. Jain, P. Flynn, A. Ross, Handbook of Biometrics, Springer, Maltoni, D. Maio, A. Jain, S. Prabhakar, Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition, Springer, Ratha, R. Delac, M. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 15 11 Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 14 1 Jain, R. Bolle, and S. Pankati, Eds. Borgen, P. Bours, S. Guo, D.

    Zhang, L. Zhang, W. Zuo, Palmprint verification using binary orientation co-occurrence vector, Pattern Recognition Letters 30 13 Kong, J. You, M. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 25 9 Kong, D. Zhang, M. Kamel, Palmprint identification using feature-level fusion, Pattern Recognition 39 3 Sun, T.

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