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We read Hannah Arendt on our phones. We study Edith Stein on our tablets. Voice-activated technology takes notes and posts them to cloud storage while we drive.

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And thus was born the idea for this encyclopedia: to create a living, growing work filled with new information from an ancient discipline, adapted to up to date technology. We gave this challenge to eminent scholars around the globe: in words explain a concept as it was developed by a woman philosopher.

Most encyclopedias are arranged according to philosopher such as Aquinas, Kant, Marx, or by division of philosophy such as aesthetics, or logic. Others are arranged by school of philosophy such as Epicureanism, or Zen.

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  6. Some are arranged by concepts, ideas and theories such as justice, number or rationalism. But NONE offer a comprehensive list of entries about the ideas women philosophers have developed. If so, what are the consequences, and what can we do about it?

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    Is access to abortion required for women's equality? Is it morally permissible? What is the male gaze? Does the concept of the male gaze help us understand anything about artistic practices? The course will provide students with knowledge of leading philosophical work and philosophical arguments in feminist philosophy. Students will be given the opportunity to receive a general feedback on draft discussion board contributions in tutorial discussions, b general feedback and a mark on revised discussion board contributions on Minerva, c individual feedback on discussion board contributions in office hours or by appointment, d individual feedback on draft essay plans in office hours or by appointment, and e individual feedback and a mark on the essay.

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    Back to Discovery Themes. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Feminist approaches to art are extremely influential and widely studied across a variety of disciplines, including art theory, cultural and visual studies, and philosophy. Organized thematically, the book introduces in clear language the most important topics within feminist aesthetics: Why were there so few women painters?

    Art, pleasure and beauty Music, literature and painting The role of gender in taste and food What is art and who is an artist?

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    Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction (Understanding Feminist Philosophy)

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