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You might even invite special guests or go visit if you can to come and share about fields and hobbies related to dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Theme Preschool Activities

You could include:. Kids will love to get their hands on this interactive dinosaur small world sensory bin. From rocks to sand, and glass pebbles for water, lots of imaginative and vocabulary building play is sure to happen! Make up a batch of your own dinosaur sand play dough , add a few dino themed loose parts, and invite kids to explore. We loved making dinosaur footprints in the play dough! This is a wonderful resource for lots of fun learning and discovery fossil activities from other creative educators.

Here are some fun hands-on dinosaur small world sensory bins for little hands to explore. Learn some neat facts about a variety of dinosaurs in this series of short animated dinosaur videos.

This short informational video describes dinosaur physical features, diets, and their extinction. Check out all these cool facts about the T-Rex! Join Dr. Binocs to learn about some interesting dinosaur myths.

Fossil Toys for Kids

This video offers several hypotheses for dinosaur extinction. The Dinosaur Song is very informational and entertaining.

Reader Interactions

Get moving and stomping with the Dinosaur Stomp. This music video We are the Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner band is very catchy and fun for little ones. Here are a few terrific options to go along with a dinosaur theme. Preschool Express has a big collection of dinosaurs poems and songs for preschoolers.

Kids Soup has some fun and engaging dinosaur action rhymes. This collection of dinosaur songs from Kidsparkz are sung to familiar nursery rhymes and tunes. Build a dino, listen for and identify dino sounds, and even play a dinosaur Memory matching game with these fun dino games from Kids Dinosaurs.

Learn with Play at Home: Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft for Kids with Free Templates

This activity provide plenty of opportunities for your child to develop their fine motor skills. Cutting, colouring or painting and drawing facial expressions on the dinosaur are all tasks which will help your child develop their finger muscles. Toddlers should be able to grip a pencil correctly instead of, for example clenching it in their fists by about two and a half years.

Older children may already be able to use paint brushes and other writing implements but colouring in the dinosaur for this activity provides a great opportunity for them to practice. Children aged years will already be writing and colouring, but will benefit from developing these skills, for example colouring neatly in the lines or writing neatly to label the dinosaur.


Making paper plate dinosaurs also helps your child develop their mathematical skills, for example by learning about shapes, size, colours, space and counting. For example you could get them to:.

35+ Dinosaur Activities for Kids

You could also use this activity to teach younger children counting, for example by counting how many legs the dinosaur has. Children generally know how to count to three by the time they reach about three years old, so this might be very challenging for toddlers, and is probably too easy for year olds who can usually count to five or ten. Playing games which allow them to practice counting is a great way to keep developing their early mathematical abilities.

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Doing activities with your child is a great way to develop their language and communication skills. They will learn new words when they use them in a conversation with you and having a conversation with you will help them master the art of communicating. By about age six children will be able to understand increasingly complex grammar, and incorporating this into the conversation will help them master it.

Toddlers who are just starting to develop their vocabularies the 30 or so words which make up the vocabulary of a two year old increase exponentially to about words by age three, and to about word by age five will start to learn new words as you speak to them. By about three years of age they should be beginning to understand that conversations involve people taking turns and have the skills needed to answer when you ask them questions.

Conversations you have while doing this activity are a chance to practice and master these skills. Doing the activity with them, and offering them suggestions when they get stuck e.