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Comandante Che

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Comandante Che: Guerrilla Soldier, Commander, and Strategist, 1956-1967

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Out of stock. His success in Cuba quickly took him to stardom throughout the Americas. Che believed that Marxism was the key to freeing the world of American led capitalism. In the five years after Cuba, through his written works, Che refined his theory of guerilla warfare in hopes to educate the rest of the Americas on how to wage revolution. He devoted himself to creating and carrying out a tri-continental insurrection strategy against capitalism and imperialism that started with guerrilla tactics and finished in total war.

The groundwork of his entire military strategy was based on a military force of small 3 Dorsal Che never lead more than guerilla soldiers at a time, only advocating mass conventional troops for the final stage of an insurrection to destroy an enemy. Other than the conquest of Santa Clara in Cuba, he never commanded conventional soldiers4.

In his writings on guerrilla warfare, Che stressed cautious in the initial phases of a campaign. He typically contradicted his own guidance through his aggressive character. Before Che Guevara, half a world away, a young revolutionary theorist named Mao Zedong was already using revolution to gain political power in a China.

Like Che, Mao was well educated and came from a prosperous family. It turns slaves into masters. Che: A Memoir by Fidel Castro. Melbourne: Ocean Press, He did not envision a global socialist state like Che, but primarily focused his sights on China. This possibly was the result of the near constant state of civil war the Chinese Communists found themselves in with the Chinese Nationalists, and the Japanese invasion of China in After the Japanese invaded Shanghai and committed the Nanking massacre in , Mao proposed a military alliance between the CCP and the National Government in order to combat the Japanese.

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During this war with the Japanese, Mao first promoted guerilla warfare tactics. Mao did not create this revolution that freed China of Japanese imperialism, rather the war of resistance against Japan set the conditions for the CCP to sweep the nation in the triumph in the short civil war that abruptly followed.

A Critical Introduction to Mao. Cambridge, Peking: Foreign Languages Press, Chairman Mao, by all accounts was a modern day emperor.

The Americas

Unlike Che who avoided politics, Mao embraced them. Mao was both Lenin and Stalin in that he theorized and generated the revolution and then effectively implemented socialist revolutions in a Chinese context. He was charismatic and inspired masses of people, through the use of grievances of inequality, to take up arms for his cause.

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  • Mao constantly strived to eliminate the elite. He noticed that with revolution replaced old elite with a new privileged class, himself excluded of course. More revolution was needed.

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